MOC Feature: Nike Flyknit Racer – Black and White

This is my piece of Lego art, based off the very popular Nike Flyknit Racer. I say based off because the model is not an exact replica of the shoe, but it’s quite an accurate scale for a Lego model. It’s close to a size 7 in real life.

The whole idea came about as my friend, who is a big sneaker-head and collects all the Nike Flyknit Racers, asked if I could build one of these and I of course relished at the challenge. I immediately got to work on it, and the initial sketch up was shoddy but the shape and idea was there.

I got some feedback from Mr. sneaker-head and made some changes. But the real tweaks only came after I acquired all the parts online.

My favourite part of designing is stacking brick on brick and figuring out what needs to be changed as I go along. The whole physical process is almost zen-like and can take hours on end. Then its all about perfecting the model until you are happy enough with it, which includes a lot of tearing apart and rebuilding.

This was a month-long process, but I’m finally happy enough to post it online. Yes it’s not exact in terms of colour(the real one has different shades and is half white), I didn’t like how it looked half white, so I stuck to this instead, a basic black and white version.

I’m also working on an all grey version, coming soon!


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