MOC Feature: Wolverine’s Claws

Here I am, just watching the Logan trailer, just thinking how cool that the new show will be in R rating, which means a lot of blood and gore. I cannot wait for March 3rd. Check out the cool poster.


Then it hit me, I should make Wolverine’s Claws.

Half an hour later, after some tinkering, I’m done with the build but cannot stop swooshing and pretending to be Wolverine. I spend 15 minutes testing it(slicing thin air and spewing some nonsense)¬†before my wife reminds me its time to sleep. Okay, I relented, show’s over. Only for today. Tomorrow, it’s back to being Wolverine again =)

Who needs shavers anymore?

Who needs shavers anymore?

Eat this random guy!

Eat this, random guy!

Sorry, what's that you said?

Sorry, what’s that you said?


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