MOC Feature: Obi Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber

Here’s my Lego MOC of Obi Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber from A New Hope. It was design based on that design, and stands at 27cm, almost life sized. Just a fun build and little tribute to the Jedi master.


MOC Feature: Wolverine’s Claws

Here I am, just watching the Logan trailer, just thinking how cool that the new show will be in R rating, which means a lot of blood and gore. I cannot wait for March 3rd. Check out the cool poster.


Then it hit me, I should make Wolverine’s Claws.

Half an hour later, after some tinkering, I’m done with the build but cannot stop swooshing and pretending to be Wolverine. I spend 15 minutes testing it(slicing thin air and spewing some nonsense) before my wife reminds me its time to sleep. Okay, I relented, show’s over. Only for today. Tomorrow, it’s back to being Wolverine again =)

Who needs shavers anymore?

Who needs shavers anymore?

Eat this random guy!

Eat this, random guy!

Sorry, what's that you said?

Sorry, what’s that you said?

MOC Feature: Nike Flyknit Racer – Black and White

This is my piece of Lego art, based off the very popular Nike Flyknit Racer. I say based off because the model is not an exact replica of the shoe, but it’s quite an accurate scale for a Lego model. It’s close to a size 7 in real life.

The whole idea came about as my friend, who is a big sneaker-head and collects all the Nike Flyknit Racers, asked if I could build one of these and I of course relished at the challenge. I immediately got to work on it, and the initial sketch up was shoddy but the shape and idea was there.

I got some feedback from Mr. sneaker-head and made some changes. But the real tweaks only came after I acquired all the parts online.

My favourite part of designing is stacking brick on brick and figuring out what needs to be changed as I go along. The whole physical process is almost zen-like and can take hours on end. Then its all about perfecting the model until you are happy enough with it, which includes a lot of tearing apart and rebuilding.

This was a month-long process, but I’m finally happy enough to post it online. Yes it’s not exact in terms of colour(the real one has different shades and is half white), I didn’t like how it looked half white, so I stuck to this instead, a basic black and white version.

I’m also working on an all grey version, coming soon!

MOC Feature: Cowboy Bebop Vehicles

Left to right: Hammerhead, Swordfish and Red Tail.

Left to right: Hammerhead, Swordfish and Red Tail.

It’s been a long time since I’ve started any blog posts, for whatever reason, but I want to start again with the intention to only write about something that I deem worthy of writing about. More quality over quantity.

That said, here is a little post about a Lego MOC I made last year. A micro-scale build of the vehicles from the hit anime series Cowboy Bebop. I love that series and if you appreciate the visual art form, you have to watch this. It unlike any anime before its time and doesn’t seem to follow a script/theme and miss-mashes several ideas into any given episode ranging from martial arts, bounty hunting, space travel, futurism, jazz music, cowboys and pays homage to pop culture icons like Bruce Lee, Kareem Abdul Jabbar etc.

Rambling aside, my form of tribute to the show is these three little vehicles and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. While re-watching the series, I wondered if I could made a small version of Jet Black’s space craft known as the Hammerhead. I sketched it out and I figured the general shape and quickly discovered that I could make it quite nicely. It started from there. Then I wondered if I could make the other two and after much experimentation and buying certain parts from my local store, I made the rest.


The Hammerhead, moveable thrusters and harpoon arm

The Hammerhead, moveable thrusters and harpoon arm

Red Tail, movable arms and signature red tip at the back

Red Tail, movable arms and signature red tip at the back

Swordfish, my favourite piece

Swordfish, my favourite piece

I learned that micro-scale building is fun but challenging too, to build something right in a confined size takes more work than you think.

As a mentor told me before, start with a sketch and then work your way around that. There is no right or wrong process here, just do what is natural to you.