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My First Etsy Sale!

This week has been incredible for me as a brick artist.

I made my first sale on Etsy this week, much faster than I had thought. My initial goal was to make my first sale in the first 3 months, but within the first month I got the order for all three of the Cowboy Bebop vehicles. I’m definitely not complaining. So I packed the order and shipped it to my customer in the US, but i underestimated how much the shipping and box would cost and actually lost money shipping it over! But that’s a good lesson for me to learn.

Then I met my old friend to pass him the Nike Flyknit model he commissioned me to build and he was really happy about it. It was featured on Instagram and then someone from the US bought it from me on my Etsy shop as a preorder. Crazy! Been busy ordering parts and building but this is what drives me and keeps me alive. I love it.

I still had the time to build some MOC’s and update my Instagram account which I am quite active on right now. Do follow me on @aminifigurelife if you want to keep updated on what I’ve been building or up to.

Thanks for reading and keep building!